Changes to eQ property funds on 15 April 2021

The names of eQ property funds will change as of 15 April 2021

eQ Care Fund (In Finnish eQ Hoivakiinteistöt) began operations in 2012. Initially, the fund mainly owned elderly care and kindergarten centres. The portfolio has been significantly modified in recent years and currently 75% of the fund’s investments consist of other important community properties for like schools, medical centres and hospitals. To reflect this change, the fund name will be changed to eQ Community Properties Fund as of 15 April 2021. The new name (in Finnish eQ Yhteiskuntakiinteistöt) better describes the distribution of the fund portfolio.

At the same time, the English name of eQ Finnish Real Estate Fund will be changed to eQ Commercial Properties Fund. The new name will now be in line with the Finnish name (eQ Liikekiinteistöt), which will not change.


The redemption notice period of the eQ property funds will be extended from three (3) months to six (6) months


The redemption notice period for both real estate funds will be extended from three (3) months to six (6) months. The funds aim to keep funds fully invested in real estate and not to hold money in cash. Real estate buying and selling processes take a few months even under normal circumstances. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic and other unexpected market disruptions can slow down and complicate transaction processes. In order to protect the interests of existing and incoming unitholders, it makes sense that the redemption notice period better reflects the actual selling time of the underlying properties. 

The biannual redemption dates of the funds remain unchanged: 30 June and 31 December. The change does not affect the notice period for the next redemption date, i.e. redemption orders for 30 June 2021 redemption date can be submitted until 31 March 2021. Redemption orders for 31 December 2031 redemption date must be submitted at latest on 30 June 2021.