Fund name changes; eQ CO2 will become eQ Blue Planet, eQ Money Market’s new name is eQ Short-Term Euro

The Board of Directors of eQ Fund Management Company Ltd has decided to change the name of eQ CO2 fund, managed by the company, to eQ Blue Planet on 6.6.2018. The new name better reflects the fund’s activities. No changes to fund rules were made.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors decided to change the fund rules of eQ Money Market fund. The new name of the fund is eQ Short-Term Euro and changes were made to the paragraph covering the investments of assets (5 §). The rule change, decided on 6.6.2018, allows the portfolio manager to select investments of high credit quality fixed income instruments.

The aforementioned changes bear no cost or tax consequences to unit holders and require no action from unit holders to become enforced.

Detailed information in Finnish.